Privacy Policy
Knee replacement is 100% committed towards protecting your privacy and keeping safe your information. It is of utmost importance to us to protect and retain our patients’, visitors and customers information every time they avail any of our services. We have been following a strict course of action to ensure that all information that we receive via this site is kept extremely safe. All information entered on this site is kept supremely confidentially. has employed the highest levels of security to ensure that all data entered is stored and retained safely. You might be requested to enter your name, age, sex, email address and existing medical conditions on the site. All the requested information shall be kept completely confidential and shall never be disclosed or sold to any third party without seeking permission from the person. shall use cookies in the arena of technology to help all site visitors in effectively navigating our website. We assure all site users that none of these cookies are being used in storing any personal information of our visitor, like their credit card information and passwords. Please be aware that our website might have some links to other sites which shall lead you to related sites in our niche domain. Please Note that the other sites might have different privacy practises which may or may not be different from the ones being used in However, in all cases wherein a visitor has any concerns or questions, regarding the functionality of the privacy policy on any of our sites, he/she may forward those concerns to us on . Our technical support shall get back to you in one or two days time. Protecting the information that the site requests from our visitors has always been vital to us. Type of information that we might collect.
In order to constantly improve the website experience and its user friendliness we may frequently request some basic information from our visitors. This information might be sent to a third party as feedback to improve our site experience and services.
We might also collect information in the following way :Depending upon what form you are filling to reach us, you might be asked to put in information such as your name, email id and your phone number. Some information is automatically collected by us such as user’s hardware information and location information. If the location permission is available we might also capture your public IP address along with geo coordinates,latitude and longitude information. We might also collect some device related information which may include network specific information, the model of your device along with its make, your email address along with your advertiser ID. How will we use the collected information ? might send the data collected to third party channels for research and development. It might also be used in planning along with analytics so that we can improve your browsing experience.